Nordic Walking – a great cross training tool

I recently entered a 5k trail race in Epping Forest organised by the local Athletics club, Orion Harriers. I wasn’t at all ‘running fit’ but I had been Nordic walking regularly for over a year and was particularly interested to see how I would fair over the distance with no specific training. I told myself that a finishing time of around 25 minutes would be acceptable.

At the beginning of a race, I tend to start off steadily, usually towards the back of the pack. Then, as the race progresses begin to move up the field; this race was to be no exception.

I was pleasantly surprised to feel extremely strong throughout the race. My cardiovascular fitness wasn’t letting me down as I started to pick people off one by one. My confidence continued to grow as I moved effortlessly up the field. I was running efficiently and smoothly which meant that I was able to conserve energy. I could really feel a new found strength coming from my upper body. My arms were working hard, driving me forward with real effect and my core had become a powerhouse allowing my legs to move with greater efficiency. I was feeling great!

I finished the race in 22 minutes and 27 seconds and was the third lady home winning a bottle of wine for my efforts. Brilliant! Thank you Nordic walking!


David Castle took part in a Nordic walking cross training session and the three page article outlines everything a runner would need to know about the poles, kit and most of all……. that it is NOT only for the unfit. He concludes that Nordic walking was ideal not just as a recuperative aid but as part of a runner’s training programme. He also admitted that he really ‘felt it’ the next day!

Updated: April 27, 2016 — 9:47 am